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Current eating habits are unsustainable. Meat and dairy overconsumption are affecting the health of people and planet, contributing to climate change. Dietary changes hold great potential for emission mitigation. However, this complex issue requires a holistic approach, one that accounts for socio-economical, psychological and cultural aspects.

Design is a promising tool for change. It enables cross-disciplinarity, flexibility and innovation with commercial, social and cultural value. Collaborative methods involving stakeholders have proven to foster engagement and discussion while delivering immediate results more likely to be successful. It can help re-shape our future tables, towards a world in which people and ecosystems can thrive.

During the work that I'm carrying out for my Sustainable Deign MA I'm exploring the potential of design thinking and co-design for the generation of experiences that are personal, emotional and socio-culturally rich as a way to repair the link between human and environmental health. In order to do so, I've developed a workshop as part of my research methodology.


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Comestible is the name that encapsulates the work that I've produced for my Masters project.

It is about the exploration of the intersections between Food + Design + Sustainability, with a particular interest in promoting sustainable dietary-habit changes for increased health and well-being. You can explore the work I've produced by following the links below. Do not hesitate to get in touch with questions or comments

Download Comestible, the booklet Download the EEAT Model Tablecloth Download The Pudding Timeline poster

Conference Poster

The poster presents the research and work that I've been carrying out for my masters course throughout the year before the final project.

It represents a broad explanation and introduction to the problem of dietary habits and their link to climate change, and a direction on which it becomes necessary to act on.

Download the poster here

“To date, improving dietary habits in line with dietary recommendations has proved extremely difficult. (...)
If healthy, sustainable dietary habits are to be achieved, cultural, social and personal values around eating meat must be integrated into the development of future dietary recommendations."
(Macdiarmid, Douglas & Campbell, 2015)

Silvana Juri

MA Sustainable Design

My goal is to help people embrace dietary habits to bring about a new food culture that will positively affect society and the planet as a whole

Poster Presentation

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Global Ambitions Conference, Birmingham, UK

08 Apr, 2016

Contemporary Food Issues - BSUFN Symposium, University of Brighton/Sussex University, UK

16 Jun, 2016

Food Security Conference, Cambridge University, UK

23-24 Jun, 2016

I'm a current student at the University of Brighton, completing a Masters in Sustainable Design. Originally from Uruguay, I have been awarded a scholarship by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office based on academic excellence and potential to become a leader in my field. With a background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, I've spent over 8 years engaging with creative practices especially in close relationship with community outreach. In my home country, I was involved with academic teams, workshops, lectures and community activities especially from my experience with the graphic arts and communication design. As a design professional, I have produced work for many local and international clients and have lead teams of designers.

My curiosity and passion for the relationship between the role of food in people’s lifestyles and how it shapes and is shaped by cultures, has led me to pursue a postgraduate degree. I have developed and expanded my interests to take into account and exploit this area of humanity in particular, and connect it to my design practice. The award has given me the opportunity to develop my work in further depth. My research interest intersects the potential of design for social change and the use of collaborative methods to promote discussions and spark changes that will have a real impact on people’s lives at a personal and global level.

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