DIY Digital-Kit

If you are interested in using this tool to apply on your research or are based remotely and cannot acquire one of our Box Kits, you can sill make use of this tool by downloading our guidelines and templates that will help you run your workshop according to your very specific needs.

This means that you can customize this tool to your contents and the discussions that are relevant for you (by using your language and/or cultural references for instance) and by choosing the elements available to you. This tool has been designed considering different contexts and budgets, which makes it a valuable tool especially in developing scenarios or under budget restraints as all elements used can easily be found everywhere and are low-cost.

By requesting this Kit, you will gain access to the following materials:

  • An inventory and shopping list, with all the elements that you'llneed
  • A Guideline including all the steps from planing to running the workshop
  • A menu card to guide you and your participants throughout the activity
  • All Recipes used, with ingredients and instructions
  • Name-tags template for printing stickers to hand to your participants
  • Activity cards templates - cards for you to customize and use for elicitation and to guide discussions
  • Workshop facilitation support kit: a document containing supporting information such as topics, questions and facts to use for discussion


Request access to the DIY Digital kit now.

We'll send you the link right away for you to start planning your activity