What is
The Green Pudding?

The Green Pudding is an immersive and experience-rich workshop. During its course, everyone gets a chance to taste, learn, make, discuss, share and imagine new ways in which to lead healthier and sustainable lifestyles, in a tasteful and collective way.

The activity has been been crafted to provide a fun and inspiring space for all participants to enjoy. Our table becomes the canvas where everyone can explore, experiment and express themselves. We provide the ingredients, all you need to do is come and experience it first hand.

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Holistic experience

Learn / Taste / Share
Cook / Think / Imagine
Grow / Empower

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Learn about healthier food choices, feel better by choosing good foods


Develop creativity, team spirit and problem solving.


Share and enjoy the time with others. Food brings everyone closer.


Experience new flavours - don’t just listen to us, try it for yourself.


Our method is a great exercise for teams to improve their productivity and motivation.


Empower yourself and your team to adopt sustainable habits around the office and at home - better for everyone’s bottom lines.

Don't compromise taste!

Sharing healthier and greener lifestyles is possible, but don't just listen to us, try it for yourself!

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Who is it for?

  • In charge of a team looking to motivate, boost team spirit and collaboration?
  • Interested in promoting healthier lifestyles in the workspace?
  • Are poor food choices affecting the health and productivity of your group?
  • In charge of sustainability goals within your institution?
  • Would you like to encourage your group to cook and share meals?
  • Interested in developing problem solving and design-thinking in a fun and tasty way?
  • Would you like to lead by example?
  • Are you passionate about sharing food experiences?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you.

Interested in experimenting yourself?


Alternatively, you can become a Workshop facilitator. Benefit from the knowledges and experience running this activity through the kit that we’ve developed - push it’s boundaries and adapt it to your needs. Just grab a lab kit and we’ll provide you with all you need, except for the ingredients! You might even try new recipes, we’d love to see new ideas put into action!