What is the Lab Kit?

If you're in a distant location (outside England) or interested in trying to run the workshop yourself, then ordering the Lab Kit is the best option for you. The box includes all of the pieces that you'll need to run the activity, from the elements that you and participants will need, including the recipes and a booklet that will give you detailed instructions on how to conduct the activity in the best way. It also includes a shopping bag to aid you when getting all of the fresh ingredients!

The box contents:

Your Lab Kit box
Participant's elements
Cooking tools and recipes
Facilitator's guidelines
and extras

Acquiring your Lab Kit grants you the flexibility to adapt the activity to suit your needs, or those of your group. Take a look at our comparing boxes below, it might help you decide which one is the most suitable option.

What's the difference between our plans?


Get the Lab Kit box

  • We’ll send you our kit by mail.
  • You are in charge of the whole activity: space, people and logistics.
  • You’ll need to prepare a dish under our guidance.
  • You’ll need to get a few extra elements (ingredients and staples).
  • Flexibility: your time, your rules.
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