Activity menu

Part 1

The whole activity is divided into two parts. The fist part is where we introduce information, thoughts and insights to share an open discussion and we finish with a collaborative cooking exercise. We set the scene and learn together.

Part 2

For the second part, once everyone has had a chance to digest the information, we join efforts to come up with creative ideas and inspiring solutions. We develop problem-solving skills to empower ourselves and others. Collaboration and creativity are key.

Course 1


The activity kicks off with a delicious savoury pudding tasting! This part sets the table and the mood for the whole activity, by doing what we enjoy the most - eat.

Course 2


After digesting the pudding, we move on to digest information. This is the perfect time to learn more about food and sustainability, and to share views, ideas, experiences and thoughts.

Course 3


This is the time to collaborate and learn new skills. We turn to preparing our own dessert, the sweet pudding. The group is in charge of making this a tasty and fun experience.

4 and 5


By the end, we get creative by reflecting on the whole activity and imagining possibilities and courses future of action. Everyone has a voice and all ideas are welcomed. We close the activity by enjoying the previously prepared sweet pudding - a delicious ending to an inspiring activity.

Joining the Club

All participants and facilitators get the chance to join the Green Pudding Club. This is our space and community where al members can access further resources and information, and especially hear about news and events that help making the best choices easier.